Bison II.jpeg


Made of Copper with Turquoise Eye

Wall Hanging

24" x 22"



Copper Sculpture

19" x 11.5"

Plus 24" tall rock


Bear 2021.jpeg

Casual Bear

Copper Sculpture

17.5 x 10" sculpture

35" x 24" rock

Sky Warrior.jpeg

Sky Warrior

Wall hanging

Copper and brass sculpture with beads, turquoise, & feathers

12" x 9" 

Galaxy Orb Light Fixture.jpeg

Galaxy Orb Light Fixture

Made with steel ball, copper pipe & fittings, & flagstone.

Shoots purple circles onto adjacent walls

Approximately 16" x 7"



Copper sculpture

Approximately 17" x 12"

Humming bird on a vine Fixture.jpeg

Hummingbird on a Vine Light Fixture

Copper pipe and fittings, + light socket, cord and lamp shade

Approximately 20" x 9"

Donkey and Goat.jpeg

Donkey and Goat Sculpture

Copper Wall Hanging

Approximately 30" x 24"